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Celebrating the Vibrancy of Irish Design

Curator Paints showcases the unique and vibrant colours inspired by Ireland’s rich design community. Our collection brings together the artistry of dedicated craftspeople, artists, and designers, creating a truly exceptional palette for your home.

Curator Story 

On the journey between Ireland’s castles and cottages, you’ll encounter a quiet legion of dedicated craftspeople, artists, and designers. These creators work with a variety of mediums—from canvas to clay, fabric to stone, organic to man-made materials. Despite their diverse crafts, they all share one common trait: a colour that holds special meaning for them and unlocks the natural world around them. 

Curator Paints is proud to be the custodian of these unique colours, bringing them together in a stunning Irish Design Collection. This beautiful collaboration of native art and design celebrates Ireland’s dynamic design community like never before. There has never been a collection quite like CURATOR. 

The Viewpoint 

Curator's mission is to celebrate the vibrancy and colour of Irish design through our carefully curated collection. We have travelled across Ireland to gather a palette of colours that reflect the unique beauty of our home and its design community. Ireland is a muse for creativity worldwide, and Curator is the first to capture this in a meticulously designed collection of paint colours.

Why Curator 

Curator is synonymous with art, design, culture, and colour. As the custodian and collector of precious things, Curator discovers and presents previously uncovered works of art, creating inspiring collections. 


Our collection draws inspiration from designers who are inherently Irish and those who use Ireland as their muse. 


A community of designers has come together to create this beautiful palette, reflecting more than just art. 


This unique collection, crafted by a diverse community of creators, offers a never-before-seen palette of colours. 

The Finishes

Enhanced Matt

Subtle Sheen