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Infinite Colour From Ireland

For over 70 years, Colourtrend Paints has brought the beauty of Ireland's landscape into homes, offering a vast range of high-quality, Irish-inspired colours.

Colourtrend Story

In 1950, Ronan O'Connor embarked on a journey to the USA, seeking opportunities like many of his contemporaries.
Unlike most, Ronan returned to Ireland, bringing with him advanced paint technology that would revolutionize the industry. He founded Colourtrend
Paints, setting a new standard in paint quality.

Ronan’s vision extended beyond merely providing paint; he wanted to encapsulate Ireland’s natural beauty in every can. The Colourtrend range captures the elusive hues of the Irish landscape, from its rich earth tones to the vibrant colors of its flora and fauna. Today, Colourtrend offers an extensive palette inspired by Ireland’s natural and cultural heritage.

The History

  • 1953: General Paints was established by Ronan O’Connor in Celbridge, Co. Kildare, within a historic Famine Workhouse.
  • 1960s: Colourtrend pioneered tinting systems in Ireland and introduced water-based paints using pure acrylic resin, leading the way in paint technology.
  • 2000s: The company modernized and expanded its facilities and broadened its retail and industrial presence.
  • Today: Colourtrend remains 100% Irish-owned, continuing to innovate with pure acrylic decorative paints.
The Technology

For over 60 years, we have been at the forefront of paint technology. Our dedicated chemists use only the best
ingredients to create high-performance paints that apply smoothly, last longer, and resist common household stains.

More Than Just Beautiful Colours

Inspired by Ireland’s landscapes, our colours are crafted to complement Irish homes and lighting. Explore our collections and order a free colour card to discover the perfect shade for your space.

Sample Your Way to the Perfect Colour

Testing colours is crucial to finding the perfect hue. Our sample pots allow you to visualize the colour in your home. Apply two coats in multiple locations and observe how the colour changes throughout the day.

Making the World Greener

Green is a versatile choice, offering tranquil tones and dramatic shades. Our green collection brings nature’s soothing and timeless beauty into your home.

Commitment to Quality

Our paints are crafted with top-quality ingredients, ensuring vibrant colours, easy application, and long-lasting durability. They withstand the demands of family life and the
harsh Irish weather.

The Colourtrend Collections

The Collection

The full Colourtrend collection where any colour is available in every finish.

The 1320 Fandeck Collection

A comprehensive selection of 1320 unique colours,
offering an extensive variety for any project.

Archived Collection

Timeless, classic shades that have been
meticulously preserved from our historical palette's.

The Finishes

Interior Matt

Soft Sheen

Ceramic Matt

Exterior Masonry




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